Trump Fans Reveal Matthew Perry ‘Death Conspiracy’

Matthew Perry’s sudden death has raised questions. While the investigation on the root cause behind his death is underway, anti-vaxxer Donald Trump supporters have taken it to X (formerly Twitter) and started linking his death to COVID vaccine. There are people who are trying to find a common reason behind this death and COVID vaccination.



Matthew was popularly known for his work as Chandler Bing on acclaimed 10-season sitcom “Friends.” While the actor was in the news for his situation with drug addiction, rehab and health issues in recent memory it doesn’t seem fit to try and link his death with COVID vaccine.

Does Matthew Perry’s death have anything to do with COVID vaccine?

It’s clear that the vaccine has had no major side effect on people, except those with pre-existing conditions. It’s worth noting that people who want to link his death with COVID will try everything in their capacity to do so.

According to Mediaite, people are trying to connect the dots, but there’s been no substantial reasoning behind his death. It was reported that he was found dead in his jacuzzi and the 911 call was made for cardiac arrest. There’s been no information about the actual reason behind his death as of this writing.

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