Trump ‘Feels Humiliated’ After Democrat Calls Him ‘Loser’

Former President Donald Trump is reportedly feeling unsettled by President Joe Biden’s persistent taunts, particularly the label of “loser” that Biden has repeatedly used in reference to Trump. According to a source from Trumpworld, as reported by CNN’s Edward-Isaac Dovere and Alayna Treene, this specific taunt seems to be getting under Trump’s skin.



Biden has been escalating his criticisms of Trump, accusing him of echoing Nazi rhetoric and portraying his denial of the election results and involvement in the January 6 attack as threats to democracy. However, it is the taunt of being a “loser” that appears to have a notable impact on Trump, according to the insider.

One instance of Biden’s taunting occurred when he highlighted his victory in the Iowa caucuses, stating, “You know it’s kind of funny: all these Republican candidates in the primary trying to beat Donald Trump, and I’m still the only person to beat Donald Trump.” The strategy of targeting Trump’s ego seems to be intentional, with the goal of taking him off message.

A source close to Trump acknowledged the effectiveness of Biden’s approach, stating, “I do think he’s trying to get under his skin, and I think it’s the smartest thing the Biden campaign has done yet. It rattles him and takes him off message.”

Biden’s confrontational approach has been observed in his private fundraisers and public speeches, including one at Mother Emanuel AME Church, where he referred to Trump as a “loser” to cheers from the audience. While the Trump campaign dismissed the strategy and taunts, the insider suggests that Biden’s tactics are having an impact on Trump, potentially influencing the former president’s public image and messaging.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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