Trump Female Lawyer Controversial Party Video Leaks

The presence of Trump attorney Alina Habba at a campaign party the day after claiming illness and a potential exposure to COVID-19 has raised eyebrows and sparked controversy. Habba had informed the judge in former President Donald Trump’s defamation trial, involving E. Jean Carroll, that she was unwell and had a fever, leading to a delay in the proceedings.



Despite the delay being initiated by Trump’s legal team, which cited Habba’s health concerns, she was reportedly seen at Trump’s victory party in New Hampshire the following night. The news generated attention and criticism, as it appeared inconsistent with her earlier claim of illness.

NBC News correspondent Garrett Haake shared the information on Twitter, stating, “Trump’s attorney Alina Habba is at his campaign’s return party in New Hampshire.”

This revelation prompted discussions about the credibility of Habba’s earlier statements to the court regarding her health. MSNBC legal analyst Lisa Rubin expressed skepticism but did not outright accuse Habba of lying. The controversy added another layer to the already contentious legal proceedings involving Trump and E. Jean Carroll.

The situation also highlighted the intersection of legal and ethical considerations, as the public closely watches developments in high-profile cases involving public figures like Donald Trump and his legal team.


Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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