Trump Female Official Goes Broke: ‘Can’t Afford Food’

Cassidy Hutchinson, a key witness for the January 6 Committee, reportedly reached out to former senior Trump officials in February for financial assistance and legal help after being subpoenaed by the committee, according to an email obtained by the Daily Caller.



In the email sent to a former senior Trump official on February 4, Hutchinson expressed difficulty in securing a legal team and asked for help in contacting fundraising organizations or attorneys who could assist her. She explained her unemployment status and mentioned her aunt and uncle’s unsuccessful attempt to refinance their house to assist her financially.

Hutchinson was subpoenaed by the January 6 Committee on November 9, 2021, but was not formally served until January 26, 2022. In her email, she stated that she was “primarily seeking financial assistance” and was “in a bind financially.”

Multiple sources, including a spokesperson for former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, confirmed that Meadows did not return Hutchinson’s calls after she was subpoenaed. The spokesperson explained that Meadows avoided returning her calls to avoid the appearance of improperly influencing her testimony.

“Cassidy Hutchinson reached out to various people in Trump world asking for both financial assistance and help finding a lawyer. She told us she was in significant financial distress, had no family that could help, and couldn’t even afford food. She also told us Mark Meadows wouldn’t return her calls. To our knowledge, she spoke with multiple lawyers and chose Stefan Passantino to represent her.

She reached out to Trump world and was like, ‘Hey. The committee reached out to me. I really need help.’ She didn’t have a job. She didn’t have money to pay a lawyer. Trump has been trying to be really helpful, especially with young people who weren’t like bad actors on J6, like get you a lawyer. Pay for it. Meadows wasn’t returning her phone calls and like her circle of people, weren’t, like, helpful.”

According to people with first-hand knowledge, Hutchinson reached out to various individuals in Trump’s circle seeking financial assistance and legal representation. They mentioned that she was in significant financial distress, lacked immediate family support, and was unable to afford basic necessities like food. Hutchinson reportedly spoke with multiple lawyers and eventually chose Stefan Passantino to represent her.

Sources also indicated that Trump’s PAC agreed to provide financial assistance at Hutchinson’s request and suggested attorneys for her to consider. However, it was noted that Hutchinson made derogatory comments about the January 6 committee to individuals in Trump’s circle.

Hutchinson gained attention after her testimony before the January 6 Committee, during which she claimed that former President Donald Trump had attempted to redirect her car to the Capitol where protesters were gathering. However, sources close to the Secret Service denied her claims.

This revelation sheds light on the financial and legal challenges faced by individuals who become witnesses in high-profile congressional investigations and the potential involvement of political figures in assisting them.

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