Trump Female Victim Gun Bombshell Revealed

The reports regarding E. Jean Carroll’s possession of an unlicensed firearm have stirred controversy and sparked discussions on how law enforcement handled the situation. Carroll’s testimony in her defamation lawsuit against former President Donald Trump mentioned she had an unlicensed “high standard revolver” by her bed, prompting a visit from law enforcement officials.



Following the visit in February, Carroll surrendered the firearm to the police for safekeeping, though she was neither charged nor arrested. The firearm will reportedly be returned to her once she completes the necessary paperwork for a New York pistol license.

Critics argue that this incident highlights a perceived double standard in the justice system. They assert that Carroll received lenient treatment, in contrast to what might have happened to someone in similar circumstances without her high-profile background. In New York, possessing an unlicensed firearm is considered a Class E felony, carrying penalties of up to four years in prison.

This situation has drawn attention from conservative commentators, who claim that Carroll’s case exemplifies how individuals with political connections or affiliations may receive preferential treatment in the justice system. As the story continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how Carroll’s firearm situation will be resolved and whether it will have any implications on her ongoing legal battles with Trump.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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