Trump Finally ‘Congratulates’ Joe Biden After He…

The latest development in the political sphere involves an unexpected move by President Joe Biden, who has reportedly decided to join Truth Social, the new social media platform launched by former President Donald Trump. According to reports from Fox News, the Biden campaign is planning to create an account on Truth Social in an effort to engage with voters directly on the platform.



In a statement to Fox News Digital, a Biden campaign official emphasized the importance of connecting with voters where they are, hinting at the significance of reaching out to diverse audiences across various social media platforms. Notably, the decision to join Truth Social, a platform associated with the political rhetoric of the opposition, carries strategic implications and reflects a proactive approach to broadening the scope of political engagement.

The Biden campaign is launching an account on former President Trump’s Truth Social, Fox News Digital has learned.

Biden campaign officials told Fox News Digital that they are joining Truth Social for the purpose of “meeting voters where they are.”

“Republicans can’t even agree on a Speaker of the House, so clearly, not every Republican thinks the same,” a Biden campaign official told Fox News Digital.

The Biden campaign’s handle is expected to be @BidenHQ. Campaign officials said their first post is expected to publish later Monday.

In response to this unexpected turn of events, Donald Trump expressed his congratulations to Biden, acknowledging the move as a significant step in the direction of embracing the platform’s commitment to providing an alternative voice in the digital space. Trump’s reaction emphasized the escalating global tensions and criticized what he perceived as incompetent leadership, simultaneously lauding the platform as the “real voice of America.”

We are heading to World War III because of grossly incompetent leadership, headed by a President that doesn’t have a clue, although he did have the sense to just join TRUTH, the real VOICE OF AMERICA. Congratulations Joe, at least, on that!


With Truth Social gaining increasing attention, Trump’s vocal support and Biden’s decision to join the platform signal a heightened focus on leveraging social media as a critical tool for political engagement and discourse. As the digital landscape continues to shape contemporary political narratives, this move highlights the evolving dynamics of political communication and outreach in the digital age.

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