Trump Gets ‘Devastating’ Legal News After Trying To Cheat

The recent development of former top Trump election lawyer Sidney Powell accepting a plea deal in the Georgia election crimes case has sent shockwaves through the political landscape, with CNN legal analyst Elie Honig emphasizing the potentially far-reaching implications for former President Donald Trump. As Trump continued to command attention with his presence at his ongoing fraud trial in New York, the focus abruptly shifted to Georgia, where Powell’s decision to cooperate with prosecutors signaled a pivotal turn in the ongoing legal saga.



During his analysis on CNN News Central, Honig underscored the significance of Powell’s pivotal role within Trump’s inner circle, highlighting her close ties to the former president and her active involvement in his post-election activities. With Powell poised to provide insider information and testimony in both the Georgia case and the federal trial in Washington, D.C., her decision to cooperate with prosecutors presents a substantial blow to Trump’s defense, potentially unraveling key details and narratives surrounding the events leading up to and following the contentious January 6 events.

Elucidating the potential role of Powell as a witness, Honig emphasized her firsthand knowledge of crucial discussions and meetings, positioning her as a pivotal narrator capable of guiding the jury through the intricate dynamics that unfolded within the White House. Her anticipated testimony, marked by an acknowledgment of the criminal nature of her actions, is expected to lend significant credibility to the prosecution’s assertions of Trump’s intentional and knowing involvement in what is alleged to be criminal conduct.

With Powell’s prior allegiance to the “stolen election” narrative now seemingly upended by her cooperation with prosecutors, Honig highlighted the magnitude of her role as an ultimate insider, serving as a potential linchpin in the unraveling of key events and crucial discussions that could potentially reshape the narrative surrounding Trump’s involvement in the electoral process.

As the legal drama continues to unfold, Powell’s decision to flip and provide cooperation stands as a testament to the intricate web of alliances and allegiances within the political sphere, underscoring the dynamic interplay between loyalty and the pursuit of justice within the larger tapestry of legal proceedings.

KATE BOLDUAN: Few people pushed it further than Sidney Powell.

ELIE HONIG: Yeah, that’s right. It’s important to remember who Sidney Powell is, she’s one of Donald Trump’s closest loyalists. She’s somebody who Donald Trump has claimed he relied on her advice to proceed in his effort to try to steal this election.

This is a major breakthrough for prosecutors, potentially a devastating development for Donald Trump, because what’s going to happen now is Sidney Powell is going to testify for prosecutors in Georgia, and presumably she’ll also be prepared to testify for Jack Smith in his federal case in Washington, D.C. She’s not indicted in that case, but she’s listed as a coconspirator in that case. She’s going to be able to provide insider information that could be really devastating towards Donald Trump.

JOHN BERMAN: She was in the room where some things, if not happened, were at least discussed. She was part of some of these contentious meetings that allegedly took place in the White House before January 6. How can prosecutors now use her?

ELIE HONIG: So you use her to bring your jury into that very room. She will be the guide. She will be the narrator. She will be able to say, I was in this room with Donald Trump, with Rudy Giuliani. Here’s what we discussed. Here’s who said what. Here’s what we knew.

And John, really importantly, in order to take this plea in this deal, Sidney Powell is going to have to acknowledge what we did was criminal. It was illegal, it was a crime. And so that’s going to lend a lot of credibility, I think, obviously, to prosecutors assertions that what Donald Trump did was knowingly a crime, was an intentional crime.

So now they’ve sort of got an ultimate insider, somebody who has remained steadfastly loyal to Donald Trump, to the stolen election narrative. Now she has flipped. Now she has come clean. Now she’s going to be a prosecution witness.



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