Trump Gets Evidence Of His Gun Crime Removed

According to Mediaite, the saga surrounding former President Donald Trump’s purported purchase of a semi-automatic gun with his face on it has sparked controversy, with conflicting reports and statements from various sources. Brian Glenn, a reporter for the right-wing Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN), found himself in the midst of this controversy as he attempted to clarify the situation.



Initially, Glenn took to Twitter to vehemently deny reports that Trump had bought the gun, referring to those questioning his previous statements as “FAKE PRESS.” This tweet suggested that Glenn was retracting his earlier assertion regarding Trump’s purchase.

However, a video from Glenn’s own newscast on RSBN appeared to contradict his tweet. In the video, Glenn can be seen speaking to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), who was present during the alleged gun-buying event. In the video, Glenn affirmed, “We can confirm that President Trump got that gun today,” seemingly contradicting his earlier tweet.

The controversy surrounding the gun purchase extended beyond Glenn and RSBN. Steven Cheung, a spokesperson for the Trump campaign, denied the purchase and deleted a video in which Trump is heard saying, “I wanna buy one” while referring to the gun featuring his face. The National Rifle Association (NRA) also shared the video and celebrated the purported purchase.

However, the situation takes a legal twist. It is pointed out that Trump is under felony indictment, and federal law prohibits individuals under indictment from receiving or purchasing firearms. Although a Trump-appointed federal judge in Texas ruled in 2022 that this law was unconstitutional, it still technically remains part of the legal framework.

This situation highlights the complexities and contradictions that can arise in the realm of politics and media, where statements and actions by public figures can be subject to scrutiny, debate, and legal interpretation. The exact details of Trump’s involvement in the gun purchase and the legal implications of the situation may continue to be a subject of discussion and controversy.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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