Trump Gets Flipped Off To His Face In Photo

Former President Donald Trump was recently given the one-finger salute in Ames when he attended Iowa vs. Iowa State football game.



It was noted that a large group of excited Cyclone and Hawkeye fans crowded onto a terrace at Jack Trice Stadium Saturday, briefly united in chanting the same name.

“Trump! Trump! Trump!” they cheered and waited for the former president to emerge from a private suite where he watched the annual in-state rivalry game that pits the University of Iowa and Iowa State University against each other.

The political gamesmanship briefly overpowered the football game playing out on the field below as a mob of supporters peered around the glass windows, shouting for Trump’s attention and erupting into applause when they caught sight of him.

Trump, who leads the Republican primary field four months ahead of the 2024 Iowa caucuses, hobnobbed with influential Republican donor and casino magnate Gary Kirke inside the suite before emerging to greet the fans who yelled his name and held their cell phone cameras aloft as he departed the stadium.

“It’s cool that he came to this game,” said Brad Lewis, a Dubuque resident and Hawkeye fan who watched the chaotic scene unfold from a slight distance. He said that he currently favors Trump in the caucuses.

“I’m a financial guy, and when he was president there was a lot of positives and a lot of good things going on,” he said. “And so, to me, that’s important. People love him or hate him, but you know, he’s done a lot of good things for the country.”

Some attendees did boo and shout obscenities as Trump passed, but he drew far more eager and excited onlookers who appeared unbothered that he faces criminal charges in four separate cases.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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