Trump Gets In Staring Contest With Judge…

Donald Trump and his love for camera attention never gets old. The camera attention seeker has always tried to get the shutterbugs click him. During his fraud trial on Wednesday, Trump faced a pool camera before the start of the proceedings.



While he is cautious in his work, he didn’t get the first position in the staring contest. Judge Arthur Engoron made it to the top of the list followed by Donald Trump, and Trump attorney Alina Habba coming in dead last.

The pool cameras entered the courtroom like everyday on Wednesday for editorial images. They wanted long shots of all the participants. Trump had a hard stare, while Attorney General Letitia James had a lighter expression while Habba looked away in discomfort.

Michael Cohen who was there for the second consecutive day didn’t have the access to a pool camera click. Trump’s expression was overshadowed by Judge Arthur Engoron who never flinched and looked straight into the pool camera.

According to Mediaite, Trump spoke against Cohen before the start of the proceedings. During the break in the trial Trump again spoke to reporters and went on a rant against Cohen, the prosecutor, and the fraud trial. A reporter asked him “President Trump, did you violate the gag order just now?”

Notably, former president Trump was fined $5,000 last week for his Truth Social post where he talked ill and verbally attacked the judge’s principal law clerk. Trump repeated the mistake on Wednesday when he attacked the judge and “a very partisan person sitting alongside of him.”

Judge Arthur Engoron asked him to testify those words in the witness stand. Trump failed to confirm who he was referring to as the “partisan person.” The gag order on Trump prohibits him from attacking witness, court staff or anything involved with it. Trump was fined $10,000 along with a stern warning that repeated actions could lead to imprisonment.

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