Trump Gets In Trouble With Preacher For Swearing

Former President Donald Trump recently stated on Saturday that he was not using a “great word” in a story after hearing from an evangelical preacher on the subject of cursing, even though “sometimes you need foul language” via Mediaite.



Trump recently spoke at Turning Point USA‘s “The People’s Convention’ in Detroit, Michigan on Saturday, along with several other conservative and MAGA speakers including Donald Trump Jr., Rep. Byron Donalds, and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

It has been noted that Trump has used curse words in most of his recent speeches for effect and to cheers and chants from his MAGA audiences. During the speech on Saturday, he did so again on the subject of environmentally-friendly military vehicles, saying, “They want to go in in a clean, environmental way as we bomb the shit out of a country, can you believe that?”

A few minutes later as Trump was reenacting a story about negotiations with Mexico. As he was describing the “tall, dark, and handsome man” becoming uncomfortable in his “beautiful suit,” with a pause before the word beautiful, Trump went into an aside about his opting not to use “a great word” that was “a curse word.”

Trump stated that a great evangelical preacher had appealed to him to stop using foul language.

“I said, sometimes you need foul language to tell a great story,” said Trump. “Because there’s no words like this.”

However, he indicated he’d left the word out in this latest retelling. Though he did not refrain elsewhere in his remarks.

He couldn’t breathe. I said, are you okay in that beautiful suit? He was getting, his suit was getting very damp. I said, are you okay? He goes … Oh, and by the way, I have to tell you, I had a great word that I was going to use, but it’s a curse word. And I was told by a great evangelical preacher just this week, “Sir, you tell the greatest stories, you, the greatest, everything. But, sir, please don’t use foul language.”

And I said, sometimes you need foul language to tell a great story. Because there’s no words like this. He said, “sir, you don’t–” So I was going to use a really terrible word, but it’s over in an instant. But the truth is, I think it does look worse. Look at all the media back there. I think it does look worse on television than it sounds in a room. So did you notice I had a blank space right there?

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