Trump Gets Literally ‘Forced’ Into Court Room

A weary-looking Donald Trump addressed reporters outside the courthouse on Thursday after a day in his hush money trial. Speaking with a hoarse voice, Trump remarked that while he was forced to be there, he found the day’s events “very interesting, in a certain way.”



Trump had wanted to attend the U.S. Supreme Court hearing in Washington, D.C., to argue his case for presidential immunity, but Judge Juan Merchan denied the request, reminding Trump’s attorneys that “Your client is a criminal defendant. He’s required to be here.”

In his comments, Trump described the day’s testimony from former tabloid publisher David Pecker as “breathtaking,” stating, “Today was breathtaking, with this room, you saw what went on. It was breathtaking. And amazing testimony.”

Trump reiterated his stance that the case should never have been brought. He shifted topics to mention that the stock market was down, while inflation and gas prices were up. Trump criticized President Joe Biden’s handling of recent pro-Palestinian college protests, claiming Biden “has no idea how to message.” He then referenced the 2017 “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, and the tragic death of Heather Heyer, calling it “a little peanut” compared to the current protests.

Trump also discussed the Supreme Court hearing on presidential immunity, emphasizing its significance: “The U.S. Supreme Court had a monumental hearing on immunity, and immunity having to do with presidential immunity. I think it was made clear, I hope it was made clear, that a president has to have immunity, or you don’t have a president. Or, at most, you could say, would be a ceremonial president. That’s not what the Founders had in mind.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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