Trump Getting Biden Removed From Office With Big Names?

Former President Donald Trump recently spoke with congressional Republican leadership about strategy for the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, CNN reported on Tuesday.



Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) announced earlier in the day that the impeachment inquiry will be led by the House Judiciary and Oversight Committee.

McCarthy, who has long been under pressure by the hard-right of his conference to impeach Biden, said the inquiry was necessary given “serious and credible allegations” against the president.

CNN’s Jake Tapper reported after the announcement that Trump had a hand in directing Republican strategy against his potential 2024 presidential rival.

“Just in to our political lead, a source tells CNN that former President Donald Trump and House Republican Conference chair, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik of New York spoke by phone today about the House Republican impeachment inquiry strategy,” Tapper reported.

“Also, CNN has learned that Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene had dinner with former President Trump at Bedminster on Sunday, and they also discussed the impeachment inquiry,” Tapper added, noting that Trump had spoken with multiple members of the House GOP regarding the move.

A Trump spokesman told Mediaite that Trump spoke with Stefanik “several hours after McCarthy’s announcement, and it was a briefing as to what happened, not a strategy session.”

Tapper welcomed Trump primary rival Chris Christie and asked him to react to the breaking news.

“Well, it’s no shock, Jake. You know, look, he’s been, you know, begging for this for quite some time. So I’m not the least bit shocked by Donald Trump trying to inject himself into House Republican caucus decisions in a way that he thinks will help him,” Christie replied.

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