Trump Getting Female Senator Arrested With Ted Nugent?

Donald Trump reposted an image posted by Ted Nugent which called for the arrest of Rashida Tlaib, whom Laura Bloomer accused of being a jihadist member of Congress and incited a pro-HAMAS insurrection inside the US Capitol last week.


JUST IN: President Trump just reposted an image posted by

on #TruthSocial calling for the ARREST of

, the jihadist member of Congress who incited a pro-HAMAS insurrection inside the US Capitol last week. When will

move to CENSURE Rashida Tlaib?

Former President Donald Trump recently made remarks regarding the state of Washington, D.C., characterizing it as a “dirty, crime-ridden death trap” that he believes should be taken over and more effectively managed by the Federal Government. He indicated that this issue would be a key component of his future Election Platform, emphasizing the necessity of not only cleaning and renovating the city but also making it a safer place. Trump asserted that Washington, D.C., is presently perhaps the most unsafe capital city globally.

In light of his concerns about the city’s perceived unsafe environment and his apprehensions about receiving a fair trial in the event of a potential Biden-related Election Interference Indictment in D.C., Trump expressed his skepticism. He highlighted that if the case were to progress, which he believed to be unlikely according to legal experts, he would seek a change of venue.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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