Trump Gives ‘Incoherent’ New Hampshire Speech

President Joe Biden’s campaign social media team seized an opportunity to criticize former President Donald Trump’s cognitive abilities following a rally speech in Laconia, New Hampshire. The Biden campaign has been increasingly assertive in addressing concerns about Trump’s mental acuity, and Trump’s rally provided ample material for such commentary.



Trump’s speech in Laconia was characterized by chaotic moments, including a segment where he described the operation of the Iron Dome in a manner reminiscent of a fifth-grader playing cops and robbers on a playground. The Biden-Harris HQ social media account specifically targeted other moments in Trump’s speech.

One notable instance was when Trump quoted himself in the third person, expressing sentiments about energy independence. The Biden campaign highlighted this as part of their broader strategy to emphasize what they perceive as lapses in Trump’s coherence and communication skills.

Another target for criticism was Trump’s discussion of the death penalty, during which he appeared to stumble and slur his words. Trump painted a bleak picture of the nation, referring to it as a “drug-infested, crime-ridden nation” that is incapable of solving even the simplest problems. The Biden campaign, through their social media channels, sought to amplify these moments as indicative of what they characterized as a lack of clarity and coherence in Trump’s speech.

This incident reflects the ongoing efforts by the Biden campaign to contrast Biden’s leadership style with that of his predecessor, particularly regarding cognitive abilities. By leveraging instances of perceived verbal missteps or incoherence from Trump, the Biden team aims to reinforce the narrative that their candidate is a more stable and capable leader.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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