Trump Goes On Delusional Bible Rant In Video

Former President Donald Trump is marking Easter by promoting his new product, the God Bless the U.S.A. Bible, alongside singer Lee Greenwood. In a video shared on Truth Social, Trump urges supporters to purchase the Bible, emphasizing its inclusion of foundational American documents like the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and Pledge of Allegiance.



Speaking passionately, Trump asserts the importance of religion and Christianity in American society, lamenting their perceived decline. He asserts that the absence of religion is contributing to societal unrest and calls for a resurgence of faith. Trump contends that protecting content supportive of God is crucial and criticizes perceived censorship by the media and left-wing groups.

Asserting that America was built on Judeo-Christian values, Trump calls on Americans to stand up, speak out, and pray for the nation’s blessings. He urges individuals to acquire the God Bless the U.S.A. Bible, endorsing it as a means to spread Christian values.

The promotion of the Bible comes amidst Trump’s legal challenges, including a requirement to pay a $175 million bond to prevent the seizure of his assets by New York Attorney General Letitia James. This legal battle looms over him as he appeals a significant fine for alleged fraud.

That’s why our country is going haywire. We’ve lost religion in our country. All Americans need a Bible in their home and I have many, it’s my favorite book, it’s a lot of people’s favorite book. This Bible is a reminder that the biggest thing we have to bring back America and to make America great again is our religion. Religion is so important, it’s so missing. But it’s going to come back and it’s going to come back strong, just like our country is going to come back strong. In the end, we do not answer to bureaucrats in Washington, we answer to God in heaven. Christians are under siege, we must protect content that is pro-God. We love God and we have to protect anything that is pro-God. We must defend God in the public square and not allow the media or the left-wing groups to silence, censor, or discriminate against us. We have to bring Christianity back into our lives and back into what will be again, a great nation. Our founding fathers did a tremendous thing when they built America on Judeo-Christian values. Now that foundation is under attack, perhaps as never before. What can we do? Stand up, speak out and pray that God will bless America again. I’m proud to endorse and encourage you to get this Bible. We must make America pray again, pray, get educated, get motivated, and stand with me and the legions of Americans asking God to bless our great nation, to bring our great nation back, and to make America great again. I’m proud to partner with Lee in this offering. He’s a very special man both as a talent, but maybe even more so as a human being. He’s very, very special and I think you all should get a copy of God Bless the U.S.A. Bible now and help spread our Christian values with others. There you have it. Let’s make America pray again. God bless you and God bless the U.S.A..

The product endorsement appears to be part of an endorsement deal similar to previous arrangements involving virtual trading cards. The website promoting the Bible claims it as the only Bible endorsed by President Trump.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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