Trump Humiliates Jeb Bush & DeSantis In Video

Donald Trump compared Jeb Bush to Ron DeSantis in a new Newsmax interview. “Fox is pushing him, and they’re not getting anywhere. They were pushing Jeb Bush with me. Whatever happened to Jeb?”



“Jeb and Ron are very much like each other, in fact, Jeb sat next to Ron during his inauguration.”

Former President Donald Trump called Fox News “very prejudiced” against him and said he doesn’t “know what their problem is” during an interview with Newsmax host Eric Bolling on Monday.

Asked for his thoughts on Fox News as of late, Trump said, “Well, I think they have some really great people and they have people that aren’t great, but I think their attitude is not good.”

He complained:

They don’t cover the election, and they don’t cover the frauds that took place, and they don’t wanna do it. They’re afraid to do it. I don’t know what their problem is, but they don’t cover a lot of things that they should be covering.

They backed a loser, they backed a guy that can’t win, Ron DeSanctimonious I call him. He’s losing by 40 points, some people say 51 points. He’s losing by that and they give him so much time. I watched today, they gave him a live, a live presentation down at the border, which was very boring, and all he did was say “I would use various policies” and those policies are all my policies.

Trump claimed Fox “purposely didn’t cover” his own speech at the Faith and Freedom Conference on Saturday and said, “They’re very prejudiced in what they do and that’s okay because in 2016 they were just as bad, if not worse, and we ended up winning.”

Barry Russell
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