Trump In Trouble After Judge’s Woman Assault Ruling

According to Mediate, in a legal saga that has spanned years, a federal judge has unequivocally quashed a fourth attempt by former President Donald Trump to delay proceedings in the case brought against him by E. Jean Carroll. The judge, Senior U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan, categorically dismissed Trump’s appeal as “frivolous” and penned a comprehensive 17-page ruling that laid bare the intricate web of legal maneuvering that has unfolded.



Judge Kaplan’s ruling shines a spotlight on the history of the case, which has been marked by repeated efforts on Trump’s part to impede the progress of the legal proceedings. These delays, as detailed in previous court decisions, have contributed significantly to the case’s protracted timeline. The judge’s language is pointed, unequivocally stating that Trump’s latest bid to stall the proceedings, characterized as his fourth request for a stay, amounts to nothing more than a calculated attempt to unjustly prolong the resolution of the matter.

The legal wrangling in this high-profile case has been characterized by a series of intricate legal tactics and maneuvers employed by Trump in an effort to either delay or counter the proceedings initiated by E. Jean Carroll. The relentless efforts, however, have faced consistent denial and dismissal by the judicial system. Most notably, Trump’s countersuit in which he alleged defamation by Carroll was dismissed by Judge Kaplan, marking yet another legal setback for the former president.

Compounding Trump’s legal challenges is the inescapable convergence of these proceedings with significant milestones in the unfolding 2024 presidential race. E. Jean Carroll’s civil defamation case against Trump is slated for a court date on January 15, 2024, a date that coincides with the highly anticipated Iowa caucuses. This convergence of legal proceedings and political events casts an intriguing shadow, potentially creating a scenario of counter-programming that may not align with Trump’s strategic preferences.

This case was largely stalled for years due in large part to Mr. Trump’s repeated efforts to delay, which are chronicled in the Court’s prior decisions. Mr. Trump’s latest motion to stay — his fourth such request — is yet another such attempt to delay unduly the resolution of this matter.

As the legal battles continue to unfold, the resilience of the judicial system in the face of high-stakes legal tactics remains evident. Judge Kaplan’s firm and unwavering denial of Trump’s attempts to delay the proceedings highlights the commitment to ensuring a fair and expeditious resolution in a case that has captured the attention of the nation. The interplay between law and politics, as embodied in the case’s timing alongside the electoral calendar, adds an additional layer of complexity to a legal narrative that continues to captivate observers and participants alike.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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