Trump Is Unrecognizable With Barron In Photos

It has been noted that while Barron Trump’s 6ft 7ins frame towers over dad Donald, he’s now exuding a “high status” stance to “avoid looking like” his father, according to a body language expert via Mirror. Donald Trump looks very different in these two photos.



The 18-year-old has dazed at Mar-a-Lago following his best blue steel look to the camera as he dwarfed the former US president and influencer Bo Loudon – son of Women for Trump 2020 co-chair, Gina Loudon. Barron dressed up in a dashing navy suit with an electric blue tie as he looked sternly into the camera, framed by the ornate backdrop of the Palm Beach resort.

Despite his upcoming New York criminal trial on April 15 and a judge refusing his attempts to dismiss charges in an upcoming case on Thursday, the 77-year-old Republican showed no signs of being flustered as he and Bo gave a bright smile and a thumbs up to the camera. Trump also donned a similar navy suit but opted for a Republican red tie while Bo styled a more casual chequered blue blazer, open-collared shirt and a grey pair of chinos.

Gone are the days of Barron looking feeble and shy next to his larger-than-life dad, who stands at 6ft 3ins, as he enters a new era of “power and self-perception”. Body language expert Judi James read between the lines and commented on the teen’s burgeoning confidence as he entered adulthood.

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