Trump Jr. Drops Biden Assasination Threat Bombshell

Donald Trump Jr. recently accused “the FEDS” of manufacturing “fake crimes and fake hate.” It happened after a photo of a Nazi flag in front of the truck that repeatedly rammed a White House security barricade at Joe Biden’s residence was released by authorities.



It is noted that the flag was found when bomb squad technicians swept the truck for explosives on Monday night. No explosives were found in the truck.

“You would think with the amount of free time the FEDS have available to them from not focusing on actual crime, that they would be able to do a much better job creating fake crimes and fake hate,” Jr. tweeted.

He later included, “If the threat of White Supremacy to the republic is so real and so prevalent, why does it seem like they have to outsource all of the hate???” Trump Jr. was referring to a photo of the suspect who appeared to be a person of color.

Trump Jr. added, “I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that Sai Varshith Kandula is probably not Mexican.”

Trump Jr. finally concluded “Clearly a White Supremacist” while sharing a photo of the suspect.

Flamethrowing right-wing commentator Matt Walsh also tweeted, “Totally normal of course for the police to neatly lay out the evidence at a crime scene so that reporters can take pictures.”

Walsh added, “I’ve noticed an interesting trend where white supremacists are very often not white.”

Podcaster Joey Mannarino sarcastically tweeted:

“America has officially beaten racism.

The white supremacy movement in our country is so absolutely diverse now.

I mean, Larry Elder is 100% Black and he’s a “white supremacist”.

We had a Latino Neo-Nazi in Texas last month.

Today we have an Arab White Supremacist who drove into the White House. You know a country is diverse and accepting when their white supremacy movement includes members of all races and genders. Congratulations, America, we did it! The white supremacy movement is more diverse than the NAACP.”

Bishal Roy
Bishal Roy
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