Trump Jr. Drops Bill Clinton Suicide Bombshell

Donald Trump Jr. shared a meme about Bill Clinton’s suicide on Twitter.



Former President Bill Clinton was photographed vacationing at the Four Seasons Resort in Tamarindo, Mexico, along with California Governor Gavin Newsom and his wife, Jennifer Siebel Newsom. The images, revealed by The New York Post, showed Clinton and Governor Newsom riding in a golf cart at the upscale resort. Clinton, dressed in a colorful shirt, blue shorts, and a Panama hat, appeared to be enjoying the vacation with the Newsoms.

The report did not confirm if Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state and presidential nominee, joined them at the resort. Clinton reportedly stayed in a secluded villa accessible only by a private path, with the US Secret Service ensuring that no other guests could approach it. Before the resort getaway, Clinton visited San Miguel de Allende in central Mexico.

Despite the vacation coinciding with renewed scrutiny of Clinton’s ties to the late Jeffrey Epstein, a notorious sex offender, Clinton was not accused of any wrongdoing in the released court documents. The documents included a 2016 testimony from an Epstein victim, Johanna Sjoberg, who claimed that Epstein had said Clinton “likes them young.” Another document revealed that Virginia Giuffre, another Epstein victim, had attempted to get Clinton to testify in her 2015 lawsuit against Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s alleged accomplice.

Clinton has acknowledged flying on Epstein’s private jet several times but vehemently denied any knowledge of Epstein’s criminal activities. The vacation images stirred questions about Clinton’s choice of timing for a leisure trip amid renewed attention to the Epstein case.

Clinton and Governor Newsom have maintained a positive relationship, with Newsom congratulating Clinton on his 70th birthday in 2016 and expressing gratitude for his leadership and friendship. Newsom also spoke at a Clinton Global Initiative 2022 event focused on addressing climate change.

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