Trump Jr. Ex-Girlfriend Drops Diddy Bombshell

Aubrey O’Day, a former member of the girl group Danity Kane and ex-girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr., recently reacted to Trump Jr.’s interview with DJ Akademiks, where he discussed various topics, including Diddy and his late partner, Kim Porter. O’Day took to X/Twitter to remind her followers that she has unique insights into the people and events surrounding the entertainment industry.



In her post, O’Day stated, “just to be clear.. my long-term EX @DonaldJTrumpJr went on @Akademiksto discuss my EX boss diddy & the conspiracies behind Kim Porter’s death.” She then added, “I keep telling you all.. I am in the CENTER of REALLY knowing ALL the information, and ALWAYS have been.” This message indicated her claim to possess crucial information and suggested she might be ready to reveal more in light of ongoing discussions around Diddy’s business practices and legal troubles.

Referring to Trump Jr.’s comments during his interview, O’Day noted that he mentioned his ex-wife, Vanessa Trump, telling him that Kim Porter was afraid of Diddy during their relationship. O’Day went on to say that she intends to reveal more information and indicated her readiness to shed light on hidden details. She concluded, “I’m about to AUBREY ODAY the shit out of everyone playing games right now,” hinting that there’s much more to come.

O’Day has long criticized Diddy for his business practices, and in light of the rapper’s ongoing legal issues, she encouraged people to stay focused on the critical allegations rather than getting distracted by other details. As reports about sexual harassment and misconduct against Diddy circulate, O’Day reminded her followers to keep their focus on the alleged crimes.

Following her post, O’Day re-shared messages from followers who supported her consistent critique of Diddy over the years. One re-shared post said, “you’ve been telling us how it’s a pimp how situation,” while another added, “She ain’t lied [exclamation-mark emojis] FOCUS ON THE CRIMES [exclamation-mark emojis] Aubrey tried to warn y’all [exclamation-mark emojis].”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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