Trump Jr. Exposes George W. Bush & GOP Woman As Frauds

Donald Trump Jr. recently took to his Twitter account and wrote about Nikki Haley. He wrote:



“Nikki Haley wants to import more foreigners to take American jobs, opposes the border wall and thinks we should keep sending unlimited billions to fund Ukraine.

She is an America Last Globalist “

It has been noted that during a CNN town hall in Iowa, Haley endorsed allowing special interest groups such as Big Agriculture, the tourism industry, and Big Tech to set legal immigration levels whenever they claim to have a labor shortage.

Currently, the United States accepts over one million legal immigrants on green cards and another million on temporary work visas every year to fill mostly blue-collar jobs that could have gone to American workers. This large influx of immigrants has led to a record high of 49.5 million foreign-born individuals residing in the country.

In practice, Haley’s plans would mimic Bush’s “Any Willing Worker” policy — which vowed to import as many foreign workers as U.S. employers asked for — and massively increase foreign labor market competition against America’s working and middle class.

“Presidents in the past have always said, ‘Set quotas. I’ll take this many this year, I’ll take this many next year.’ Instead, look at what does our economy need,” Haley said:

I came from an agricultural state and a tourism state. Our farmers needed workers. We need to make sure we are focusing on the businesses, that they are not struggling to find workers … when you do it on merit, and that’s how we need to bring people in — based on merit, not just a random quota — then you’re building up your economy, you’re supporting your businesses, you’re making sure that we can all grow together. [Emphasis added]

Also, Haley said she would fast-track naturalized American citizenship for legal immigrants on green cards. Currently, legal immigrants must live in the U.S. on green cards for 10 years before applying for citizenship. Haley said she would turbo-charge the process.

“Our legal immigration system is completely broken … it shouldn’t take someone 10 years to become a citizen and we need to be smart about how we do it,” Haley said.

Barry Russell
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