Trump Jr. Girlfriend Explodes At Big Name ‘Traitor’

It has been noted that Kimberly Guilfoyle enraged on the Republican National Committee and “fake Republicans” for not caving to former President Donald Trump via Mediaite.



It has been noted that appearing on Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast Friday, Guilfoyle (in a clip flagged by Ron Filipkowski) — the fiancee of Donald Trump Jr. — slammed the Republican primary as a “pathetic joke” and called for its participants to be excluded from working for Trump, should he win a second term.

“For anyone who asks me, ‘Are we gonna have any of these people involved? Let’s make a big tent.’ No!” Guilfoyle said. “We only want the best and the brightest. Trump is gonna win. Get it together. Get your head on straight.”

Guilfoyle went on to bash the RNC and others as “traitorous” and “disloyal.”

“None of those people, those fake Republicans, RINOs, I’ll throw the RNC in there with that, all these people have to go,” Guilfoyle said. “They’re not gonna be part of our team. They suck! We’re not gonna reward them. They’re traitorous, they’re disloyal and they’re unqualified! So that’s it, I’ve had enough with all those people.”

As for who she would like to see involved in a second term? Guilfoyle mentioned War Room’s host himself — along with several other notable far-right Trump allies.

“Let’s get Bannon back in, and Kash Patel, and Mike Davis, and Ric Grenell and Alina Habba and let’s kick some ass!” Guilfoyle said. Bannon, for his part, laughed at the mention of his name.

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