Trump Jr. Posts Fake Video Of Jewish People Being Killed

According to Mediaite, Donald Trump Jr. recently found himself at the center of controversy after sharing a disturbing video on social media. In his tweet, he suggested that the video originated from an Israeli source, intending to highlight the recent brutality attributed to Hamas in the region. However, it turns out the video was fake news, and Trump Jr. has yet to issue an apology or clarification.



On a particular Tuesday, the former president’s son took to Twitter, once known as the platform for his father’s prolific social media presence, and posted a graphic video depicting militants firing into a room filled with lifeless and bloodied bodies. He claimed to have received the video from a “source within Israel,” strongly insinuating that it documented recent actions by Hamas over the past few days.

In his tweet, Trump Jr. expressed his views, stating, “You don’t negotiate with this. There’s only one way to handle this.” The video quickly gained traction, garnering nearly 13,000 retweets, almost 27,000 likes, and accumulating four million views.

However, Twitter soon appended a community note to the post that debunked the context put forth by Trump Jr. The note clarified, “This is an old video and is not from Israel.”

Further investigation by various political observers confirmed that the video was from 2015, originating in Syria, not Israel. This revelation led to a wave of criticism directed at Trump Jr. for promoting false narratives that seemingly aimed to justify an escalation of Israel’s counteroffensive against Hamas. This incident underscores the importance of responsible information-sharing, especially in a climate where misinformation can have significant consequences.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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