Trump Jr. Posts ‘Gassing Israel People’ Protest Video

Donnald Trump Jr. took to Twitter and commented on a video in Australia where people could be heard saying “gas the Jews” and “f*** the Jews.” He also pointed out a hypocrisy he noticed for good measure.



Seems that this is tolerated behavior in Australia, but if you shared a conservative viewpoint or didn’t want to get jabbed, you were in serious trouble.

New reporting from Israel’s Kibbutz Kfar Aza, a small village near the Gaza border, revealed on Tuesday that as soldiers finally secured the area from Hamas gunmen after days of fighting they discovered unspeakable atrocities committed by the Palestinian gunmen who infiltrated the country.

Nicole Zedeck, a correspondent for i24 News in English, was one of the journalists who accessed Kfar Aza and spoke with distraught soldiers who were at the scene.

“All of these soldiers are doing their best to protect us, the journalists who are also out here, because they want us to see exactly what’s happening and what they’ve been witnessing with their own eyes for these past three days,” Zedeck began

Many of them coming here Saturday night and they knew that no other soldiers had been here yet. And so they kind of knew an idea of what was happening. But but they, no one could expect that it would be like this. The horrors that I’m hearing from these soldiers, as I mentioned earlier, about 40 babies at least, were taken out on gurneys. Still right now, they’re going house to house, still evacuating dead bodies. The Israeli citizens who were killed.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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