Trump Jr. Reveals DeSantis Betrayed Tucker Carlson

Donald Trump Jr. recently took to his Twitter account and wrote:



“It’s been almost a week since Fox News fired Tucker Carlson & Ron DeSantis STILL hasn’t found the courage to say a word about it. Wonder why? We already know he flip-flopped on Ukraine because of his donors, so i guess it’s unsurprising that he’s afraid to cross Paul Ryan & Fox.”

Meanwhile, the Florida House approved a bill on Friday that would allow Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) to remain as governor if he chooses to run for president in 2024, sending it to his for his signature. The bill passed 76-34 on a party-line vote after passing the state Senate also along party lines on Wednesday, 28-12.

It has been noted that Florida election law states that anyone running for office needs to step down from a position they hold once they are officially a candidate. If signed, the bill would create an exception that the law would not apply to officials running for president or vice president.

DeSantis has not formally announced if he is considering a run for the GOP nomination for president in 2024, but he is widely speculated to enter the race soon.

Supporters of the bill have said it is not designed for DeSantis and is only a clarification, while Democrats slammed it as a way to ensure DeSantis can remain as governor while running for president.

“It is an individual office that is unique. It is the chief executive of our country,” state Rep. Ralph Massullo (R) said during debate on Friday. “This isn’t just for our governor. It’s for anyone in politics.” 

State Rep. Angela Nixon (D) said the legislature is “doing the governor’s bidding,” arguing that DeSantis needs to resign if he wants to run for president.

“Last time I checked, being governor is a full-time job,” Nixon said. “Running for president takes a lot of work.”

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