Trump Jr. Reveals Trial Conspiracy Theory In Meltdown

Donald Trump Jr., former First Son and son of former President Donald Trump, has recently faced backlash over spreading conspiracy theories related to his father’s hush money trial. In a viral video shared on X, Trump Jr. suggested that his father might not have a fair trial in the Manhattan court case against him.



During an episode of his podcast, Triggered, Trump Jr. speculated that Democrats might be trying to rig the trial by sending people into jury duty wearing MAGA hats to pose as conservative supporters. He claimed that this was part of a plan to unfairly influence the jury in favor of a guilty verdict.

Ron Filipkowski, co-founder of Meidas Touch, shared a clip from Trump Jr.’s podcast episode, mocking him for promoting conspiracy theories. This sparked a wave of criticism from social media users who ridiculed Trump Jr. for his comments and his apparent paranoia. Many described his theories as absurd and called him a “complete conspiracy theory nut.” Others pointed out the irony of suggesting that only devout Trump supporters could be impartial while simultaneously implying that they could be pretending.

In response to Trump Jr.’s comments, one user joked, “The election is rigged. This court is rigged. The jury is rigged. The judge is rigged. The DA is rigged. I’m rigged. You’re rigged. We’re all rigged.” Another person pointed out the broader pattern of accusations and conspiracy theories in the Trump camp, suggesting that Trump Jr.’s words reflect an overall tendency to question the legitimacy of any unfavorable outcomes.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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