Trump Jr.’s Ex-Wife Brutally Attacked His Mistress

Even in the depths of heartbreak and divorce, Vanessa Trump, the ex-wife of Donald Trump Jr., reportedly had some choice words for the woman with whom her then-husband had been unfaithful as reported by Yahoo. While Donald Jr. has since moved on with his now-fiancée Kimberly Guilfoyle, the road to happiness hasn’t always been smooth for the eldest son of the former president.



Back in 2018, during the midst of their divorce proceedings, rumors started swirling that Donald Jr. had cheated on Vanessa with reality TV star Aubrey O’Day. Eventually, O’Day confirmed the rumors, admitting to an affair with Donald Jr. in 2011 after appearing together on Celebrity Apprentice. In a 2022 interview with Page Six, O’Day expressed her love for the businessman, even calling him her “soulmate.” However, in a 2019 interview with Too Fab, she was hesitant to label their relationship as an affair, citing the vast differences between marriages with billions of dollars and those without. O’Day clarified that she never intended to break up a marriage or engage in an affair.

Vanessa, who shares five children with Donald Jr., likely doesn’t agree with O’Day’s perspective, as her reported response to the affair demonstrates. According to Us Weekly, Vanessa allegedly called O’Day on the phone with her children present in 2012, hoping to shame O’Day into ending the affair. Another insider claimed that Vanessa became intensely jealous and reacted strongly, saying, “Vanessa went gangster.” The source continued, stating that Vanessa expressed her dissatisfaction with O’Day’s abilities in the bedroom during the conversation, leaving O’Day deeply hurt. However, O’Day has never confirmed the details of the call in her various interviews about the affair.

In her 2022 interview with Page Six, O’Day portrayed a different side of the man she once dated, asserting that he had chosen a life that lacked authenticity for the sake of status and power. She expressed disappointment in the person he had become, stating, “He was fiscally a Republican, but everything else was not.” O’Day felt that he had compromised his values and didn’t want to be associated with such a path. She remained determined not to “sell out” like he did.

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