Trump Jr. Swears During Verdict Meltdown

Donald Trump Jr. Tweeted:

Fulton County, Georgia, District Attorney Fani Willis, known for orchestrating a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations case against former President Donald Trump, is now facing allegations of violating the same law. The accusations come from a lawsuit filed by state Rep. Mesha Mainor, as reported by The Federalist.

Mainor’s legal action targets both Willis and Fulton County Commissioner Marvin Arrington Jr., a lawyer, accusing them of a bribery scheme. Mainor alleges that Arrington used his influence, partly derived from overseeing the DA’s office budget, to secure a favorable plea deal for a client accused of stalking her, with Willis allegedly complicit in the scheme. This lawsuit claims violations of Georgia’s RICO Act and accuses both Willis and Arrington of intentional infliction of emotional distress.

This development adds to a series of controversies surrounding Willis, including a state legislative investigation, a possible contempt citation from Congress, a lawsuit over her handling of records, and allegations of illegally recording a telephone call. Further complicating matters, it was revealed that a defendant in the Trump case discovered Willis hired her partner for nearly $700,000 to work on the Trump case, raising questions about her judgment and the integrity of the case.

The allegations against Willis and Arrington trace back to Mainor’s 2019 campaign for the Atlanta City Council. Mainor terminated a volunteer, Corwin Monson, for belligerent behavior, leading to Monson allegedly stalking her, leaving threatening voicemails, and even showing up at her home with a marriage proposal. Monson was subsequently arrested and indicted for aggravated stalking.

Arrington, Monson’s defense attorney, allegedly used his influence to secure a lenient plea deal. Mainor filed an ethics complaint against Arrington, during which jailhouse recordings reportedly captured Arrington boasting about his influence with the DA’s office.

The RICO complaint alleges that Arrington committed bribery by exchanging financial support for the DA’s office for preferential treatment in criminal cases, and that Willis engaged in bribery by providing such treatment to Arrington and his client.

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