Trump Judge ‘Admonishes’ Jack Smith In Court For…

In a setback for Jack Smith, Judge Aileen Cannon deemed the proposed trial date of July 8 in the classified documents case against Trump as “unrealistic.” The hearing in Fort Pierce, Florida, on Friday addressed the possibility of postponing the trial until late summer.



During the hearing, Trump garnered support from hundreds of enthusiasts lining the streets of Fort Pierce, Florida, cheering him on his way to court in the ongoing legal battle with Jack Smith.

Special Counsel Jack Smith had initially suggested a trial date for the classified documents case starting on May 20. However, in a court filing on Thursday, he proposed a new date of July 8. Notably, this date falls just a week before the Republican National Convention, raising concerns about potential election interference.

In response, President Trump requested that the trial commence on August 12. Trump, accompanied by his attorneys and co-defendants, arrived at the courthouse before 10 am ET, while Jack Smith was also present in court.

Despite not setting a new trial date, Judge Cannon, a Trump appointee, criticized the feasibility of the special counsel’s proposed early July date, citing at least 13 outstanding motions and intensive litigation related to the Classified Information Procedures Act.

During the proceedings, the judge rebuked Jack Smith’s prosecutor for attempting to attribute delays to Trump’s attorneys, particularly in the Bragg ‘hush payment’ case and the classified documents case. Judge Cannon clarified that the right to access court proceedings applies “to the accused” rather than the lawyers.

“When Smith’s team tried to blame Trump attorney Chris Kise for taking on both the Bragg case and the classified docs case and argued his work schedule related to both matters should not preclude the FLA trial from moving forward, Judge Cannon reminded DOJ that right to access all court proceedings doesn’t apply to the lawyers but “to the accused.”” reporter Julie Kelly said from the courthouse on Friday.

It was said that Jack Smith had indicted Trump on 37 federal counts in Miami in June, alleging improper storage of presidential records at Mar-a-Lago, protected by Secret Service agents.

Meanwhile, Jack Smith’s case related to the events of January 6 in Washington, D.C., faces uncertainty after the Supreme Court agreed to consider Trump’s immunity argument.

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