Trump Kicks Republican Friend ‘To The Curb’

Former President Donald Trump recently kicked Republican politician Blake Masters to the curb on Friday with a “complete and total endorsement” of Masters’ Arizona primary rival Abe Hamadeh via Mediaite.



It has been noted in a post on Truth Social that Trump called on his supporters to back Hamadeh over Masters, whom he had previously endorsed in 2022:

“Abe Hamadeh is a veteran, a former prosecutor and fearless fighter for our elections. He will be a true WARRIOR in Congress, and always put America First! As everyone knows, Abe fought for our Country overseas, and knows that the American people are demanding the kind of bold leadership that ushered in peace and prosperity just three years ago.

Abe Hamadeh is Strong on the Border, the Military/Vets, Crime, Cutting Taxes, Election Integrity, and Protecting our Great Second Amendment. He knows that if the flame of freedom is extinguished, it may never come back again.

These are the reasons why I am giving Abe Hamadeh my Complete and Total Endorsement in his quest to be the Congressman from District 8, representing the Great State of Arizona—He will never let you down!”

Despite winning the primary, Masters lost the 2022 Senate election in Arizona to Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ). It has come to light that in September, as Masters prepared to run again for office, he received the cold shoulder from several of his former allies, including Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) – who remarked, “I’ve got to focus on my own race” – and Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH), who told reporters, “I’ll make decisions about who I’m endorsing once candidates actually enter the race.”

Masters decided not to seek re-election for the Senate in Arizona and instead endorsed Kari Lake, who is known to be a favorite of Trump. After Masters announced his candidacy for the House of Representatives, Lake decided to endorse Hamdeh, who was competing against Masters in the primaries, just a few hours after Masters announced his intention to run.

In 2022, Masters was one of two candidates – the other being Vance – who were backed by Republican billionaire Peter Thiel, and Masters had been described in the media as Thiel’s protégé.

While Thiel was one of Trump’s most prominent donors in 2016, he recently experienced a change of heart.

In an interview last month, Thiel told the Atlantic that the Trump administration had failed to meet even his “low expectations” and revealed he would not be financially supporting any presidential candidate in 2024.

Thiel also revealed that Trump had recently called him to say “he was very sad” and “had expected way more” after Thiel refused to give him any more money.

“Months later, word got back to Thiel that Trump had called [Blake] Masters to discourage him from running for Senate again, and had called Thiel a ‘fucking scumbag,’” the Atlantic reported.

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