Trump Kisses Famous Republican Woman In Video

Fans on Twitter have gone insance after a six-second video clip surfaced of Donald Trump giving someone other than his wife, Melania Trump, a kiss. The woman is a face who is very familiar to the Republican Party and the inner circle of the former president: Kari Lake.



Lake, who reportedly was hanging around Mar-a-Lago quite a bit in hopes of being named Donald Trump’s 2024 running mate, was at an event at his Bedminster, New Jersey golf club.

In the video, he’s surrounded by his voter base and a sea of smartphones that are recording his every move. That’s when Donald Trump leans in and Lake’s face suddenly appears as they give each other a rather awkward kiss and his lips land high on her cheekbone. The former news journalist made a “muah” sound as they exchanged their friendly affection, and she smiled as he backed away.

That video, of course, sent Twitter into a frenzy, with accounts implying that “4th time is a charm,” and Lake would be his fourth wife (even though there are no rumors about an affair). One social media account noted Melania’s continued absence on the campaign trail, “how much you want to bet…you know what I mean. If he hasn’t, it’s coming, but I think he did. Melania hasn’t been seen since tfg said she wanted nothing to do with him.” Another account added, “GRIFTERS UNITE.”

The former first lady has reportedly been annoyed by all of the headlines about Lake hanging around her husband. It is something that really “ticks off” Melania, and Donald Trump has been walking on eggshells every time a new story appears, according to reporter Zach Petrizzo on The Daily Beast‘s podcast, The New Abnormal.

“Those type of headlines–Trump, of course, has printed out story after story, he runs through a stack of papers or whatever have you– typically many of these type of stories will go to the waste bin, but stories about Melania Trump, I mean, really get kind of scrutinized because he has to see her,” he explained. Well, Melania might not like this latest video clip either because Lake is apparently sticking with Donald Trump — awkward kisses and all.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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