Trump ‘Last Defense Witness’ In Trial Revealed

It has come to light that the attorneys for former President Donald Trump told the court on Monday that they plan to call the former president to the stand on December 11 as their last witness in the New York civil fraud trial.



Donald’s son Eric Trump, also a defendant, is slated to testify on December 6, according to Trump attorney Chris Kise. This will be the former president and Eric Trump’s second trip to the witness stand as they were called by the New York attorney general’s office earlier this month.

As per previous statements, the defense plans to wrap up their presentation by mid-December. During Monday’s court hearing, a Trump Organization executive confirmed that the company no longer prepares the personal financial statement, also known as the statement of financial condition, for the former president. This is because no lenders currently require it.

“It is not prepared to my knowledge,” Mark Hawthorn said. “There is not a roll up financial statement of the company.”

Trial evidence has shown Trump Org. contracted an accounting firm to compile a statement of financial condition for Donald Trump at least until 2021. Donald Trump and his co-defendants have already been found liable for committing fraud, in part, for inflating those personal documents over a period of years to obtain better loan terms.

“The all-encompassing financial statements are not required by any Trump Org. lenders at this time,” Hawthorn said.

Hawthorn, who is the chief operating officer for the Trump Org. hotels division, testified Monday that he was never personally involved in the preparation of Donald Trump’s personal statements of financial condition.

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