Trump Lawyer Confronted After He Sadly Fell…

Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum recently received a bizarre response when she asked Trump lawyer Alina Habba if former President Donald Trump fell asleep in court two days in a row via Mediaite.



It has been noted that Trump’s hush money election interference trial got off to an embarrassing start Monday when CNN commentator and New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman became the first to report that Trump fell asleep in the courtroom. The incident was the subject of banter and mockery all over the news — and from the Biden campaign.

Then, he did the same on Tuesday as well.

Habba called the claims “unlikely” because she’s never personally seen him fall asleep in court:

MARTHA MACCALLUM: I just have a second. But, you know, there are two reports, both days, of him falling asleep in court. Any reaction to that, is he tired as you just been running around a lot or and any thoughts on that?

ALINA HABBA: If anything, he’s probably brutally bored. I mean he, it’s it’s painful. They make him sit there through jury selection. The first day was procedural.

But no, you know, I’ve heard that report. It’s unlikely. I know him. I sat through trial after trial with him. That never happens. So, President Trump is is incredibly focused.

MARTHA MACCALLUM: All right, Alina, thank you as always. Great to have you here, Alina Habba.

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