Trump Lawyer Reveals Who Will Protect Him In Jail

Alina Habba, an attorney for former President Donald Trump stated that the possibility of Trump serving time in prison is “not even something we think about” via Conservative Brief.



It has been noted that when Carl Higbie of Newsmax asked Habba if Trump could go to jail for breaking one of the gag orders, she said:

“He’s protected by Secret Service, period. So, I always tell people when they’re panicked, “Listen, he’s protected by Secret Service, number one. Number two, he did nothing wrong.” So, when people go to jail it’s because they’ve done something wrong. Do we have crooked situations in and out of court? Absolutely. Could they try? Probably, but it won’t work because there is still trial process, there is still facts, and unfortunately they’re not going to win on the facts.”

She added: “Secret Service will always protect President Trump. That’s the truth, they have to wherever he is, but it’s not even something we think about, to be honest, because this is all political. It’s really not— there’s no criminal acts that he’s done. There’s no civil wrongs that he’s done, unless making money for banks is a civil wrong all of a sudden.”

“Orange man bad,” responded Higbie, to which Habba said, “It’s Trump derangement syndrome at its best. I’m not worried about him, he’s not worried, and the American public shouldn’t be worried.”

During an interview earlier this month on Fox News, Habba spoke about the indictments against Trump and how they believe the trial dates—two of them scheduled to begin in March 2024, in the middle of the GOP primary—are aimed at hurting Trump’s campaign.

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