Trump Lawyer Rudy Guiliani Reveals ‘Child Trafficking’

Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani recently launched a wild rant, this time focused on what he considers a widespread endorsement of child sex trafficking from the left.



These claims came from Giuliani’s appearance on the Monday edition of Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast. A clip from the interaction began circulating on Twitter via Patriot Takes.

During their interview, Giuliani mentioned that he finally got to see the new film Sound of Freedom. The faith-based film covers the topic of child sex trafficking and follows a federal agent on a quest to rescue children trapped in an abusive environment.

Although the movie has had mixed reactions, it’s raked in an impressive $40 million since its release a week ago.

The movie has been labeled “a box office triumph for QAnon believers,” by Rolling Stone magazine. And the film’s star, Jim Caviezel, has been linked to the movement.

But regardless of what kind of movies you prefer to watch, Giuliani suggested on Monday that if you have criticisms about this film, you’re part of the child trafficking problem.

“Everybody has to see that movie. And the left’s reaction to it is very, very telling that this goes a lot deeper than we realize. This whole perversion of our children. This is a sick thing that’s going on. When you attack a movie like this, there’s a motive for it,” Giuliani said.

“Amen,” Bannon replied.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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