Trump Looks ‘Pathetic And Defeated’ In Court After…

Michael Cohen has been instrumental in the ongoing trial against Donald Trump. The suit called by New York Attorney General Letitia James has put a question on Trump’s approach of work. Cohen testified against Trump and was interviewed by CNN’s Erin Burnett on Thursday.



Judge Arthur Engoron had found Trump and his Trump Organization liable for fraud against banks and insurance companies as they inflated income to get better loan terms. It’s interesting to know that a lot has been going on in this suit and Trump hasn’t seen good days.

Will Donald Trump’s problems be over anytime soon?

Donald Trump and his problems don’t seem to be over anytime soon. His daughter has to testify in the court soon and it would be interesting to see what happens there. According to Mediaite, The interview given by Cohen was an eye opener, and it needs to be seen on what people would make out of those statements.

“You were sentenced to three years behind bars for what you had called ‘dirty deeds’ that you committed on behalf of him,” Burnett said. “What was it like in that room, face to face?”

“I was confused on how I was going to be,” he responded. “And actually, I felt nothing. It was so weird that here I am, sitting directly across from Donald Trump, and I felt absolutely nothing. And then directly over his left shoulder was his son, Eric, who also I maintained a relationship with. And I felt absolutely nothing. I looked at him, and I said to myself, boy, what a sad-looking, pathetic, deflated individual.”

Ivanka Trump and her credit card bills are already under the scrutiny by NYAG Letitia James. She has to share information in this regard in the court soon. There’s a lot to unearthen and it would be interesting to see how things turn out for the former president of the United States. Cohen predicted that the court would fine Donald Trump $600 Million fine, which is more than the NYAG’s actual request.

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