Trump Maine Election Ban Leads To Violent…

It has been noted that Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows recently revealed that she has received threatening messages after former President Donald Trump shared ways to contact her office via Mediaite.



Bellows issued a ruling barring Trump from running in the state for the 2024 presidential election “because he is not qualified to hold the office of the President under Section Three of the Fourteenth Amendment.”

That section bars people from holding office in the U.S. government if they have engaged in “insurrection.”

In response, Trump issued numerous messages over Truth Social blasting the decision along with a post showing users how to contact the secretary of state.

Bellows sat down on Friday evening with CNN anchor Kaitlan Collins where the state official revealed she now worries about “the safety of the people” she loves.

COLINS: But you saw Trump himself sharing on social media ways to contact your office, the information to contact your office. I wonder, given the position that you’re in and the decision that you’ve made, if you have concerns for your safety since making this decision.

BELLOWS: I was prepared for the possibility of threats. And I really appreciate our law enforcement and the people around me who have been incredibly supportive of my safety and security. My safety and security is important. So is the safety and security of everyone who works with me. And we have received threatening communications. Those are unacceptable. But regardless, my considerations in this proceeding is to adhere to the process. We are a nation of laws. Maine law required me to hold a hearing and issue a decision, and now it goes to the Superior Court and I will uphold the ruling of the courts. That is the process that we are due. And again, looking at the evidence and the events of January six. It was an insurrection because people attacked not only the Capitol, but also that process of the peaceful transfer of power.

COLLINS: It’s notable to hear you say that you have gotten threats because of this decision. I mean, how concerning had those doubts been to you?

BELLOWS: Those threatening communications are truly unacceptable. And I certainly worry about the safety of people that I love, people around me and people who are charged with protecting me and working alongside me. That being said, we are a nation of laws and that’s what’s really important. And so I’ve been laser focused on that obligation to uphold the Constitution.

Earlier this month Trump also was removed from Colorado’s 2024 election ballot over the Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol riot, following a decision by the state’s Supreme Court. The Republican frontrunner has vowed to appeal to the Supreme Court for a final decision.

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