Trump Makes ‘Perverted Racist’ Remarks About Woman

On a recent episode of MSNBC’s “The Last Word,” host Lawrence O’Donnell strongly criticized former President Donald Trump’s remarks about Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, describing them as “pornographic” and “deeply perverted.” O’Donnell played a clip from Trump’s campaign rally in New Hampshire where he referred to Willis as a “young racist” and insinuated that she had an affair with the head of a gang she was pursuing.



O’Donnell expressed his disbelief and condemnation of Trump’s comments, characterizing them as a reflection of a “sick imagination.” He explained that the clip he played contained only a portion of Trump’s remarks because the complete commentary was too vulgar to air. He emphasized that Trump’s allegations about Willis and the gang member were so egregious that they couldn’t be broadcast on the show.

The host then highlighted Trump’s inaccuracies and distortions regarding Willis’s professional background and her representation of a defendant. He suggested that Trump’s claims were baseless and originated from his own “deeply perverted cesspool” of imagination. O’Donnell pointed out that Trump’s history of extramarital affairs, including during his marriages, could have influenced his skewed perspective.

“I’m not gonna show you the rest of the pornographic poison that Donald Trump spewed with the full support of his lawyers,” O’Donnell declared:

He seemed to have been referring to Fani Willis’ work as a criminal defense attorney and a defendant who she represented, but he couldn’t even get that part of it correct. Everything he said about Fani Willis came from the deeply perverted cesspool of Donald Trump’s sick imagination and he happily and perversely lied about District Attorney Fani Willis’ relationship with a former client. Donald Trump has very boastfully had sexual relationships with many more people than his three wives, including during all of his marriages, and so a deeply twisted, decaying mind filled with a lifetime of memories of adultery reaches into the mud of his own lived experience and throws it at other people.

O’Donnell concluded by denouncing Trump’s statements and characterizing them as a vile attempt to tarnish Willis’s reputation. He criticized Trump for relying on false and salacious allegations to attack individuals who posed a threat to him legally or politically.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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