Trump Melts Down After Hillary Gets Friend Arrested

2024 GOP frontrunner Donald Trump recently showed support of convicted meme-maker Douglass Mackey on Monday, and took a shot at Democrats attempting to jail Mackey for sharing a meme on Twitter.



“Joe Biden and the radical left Democrats are trying to pose as the defenders of democracy, but in fact, they’re the ones destroying our democracy. Crooked Joe and his henchmen have tried to shut down free speech with a massive government censorship operation to silence their critics,” he said.

“They’re putting Douglas Mackey in jail for sharing a joking meme about Hillary Clinton seven years ago. Nobody ever heard of anything like that.”They have four bogus criminal cases trying to put their leading political rival— me— in prison. ‘Let’s put him in prison. He’s leading by a lot. There’s no way we can beat him. Let’s put him in prison.’

“They’re running police state operations to infiltrate the Catholic Church as if it were a communist country. They are persecuting Christians and pro-life activists. They are persecuting anybody they want to persecute. They’ve labeled ordinary Republicans and parents at school board meetings as potential domestic terrorists. They’re resettling millions of migrants into our communities destroying our country like it’s never been destroyed before.

“They’re calling our citizens criminals. They rigged the last election. They rigged the Democratic primary and they’re trying to get their rivals thrown off the ballot everywhere they can. And they’re constantly trying to delegitimize the Supreme Court of the United States and threatening conservative judges with violence.

“In short, nothing about crooked Joe Biden and the anti-Democratic Party has anything to do with defending democracy. So of crooked Joe wants to turn this election into a question of which candidate will defend our democracy and freedom. Then I say bring it on. Let’s go Joe, bring it on, because you are a corrupt person. You’re the most corrupt president in our history. And by the way, the most incompetent president in our history, because Americans don’t like tyrants.

“We don’t like fascists. We don’t like communists that we don’t like crooked Joe Biden. You just have to look at the polls with your vote on Election Day. 2024. America will be a free nation once again, we will be free and we will be great. Thank you.”

It has been noted that Mackey’s sentence was stayed by a federal appellate court on Monday, and Mackey vowed to take the case all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary. He was convicted in March for circulating a satirical meme that encouraged Hillary Clinton voters to cast their votes via text in the lead up to the 2016 election.

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