Trump Met Hollywood Star About Child Trafficking

During a recent interview with Fox News, Hollywood star Jim Caviezel made it clear he wants Donald Trump to become President in order to combat child trafficking.



“We have to do a lot more. We got to start with Donald Trump. He’s got to be in there because he’s going to go after the traffickers.”

According to Washington Examiner, on a Wednesday night at his golf course in New Jersey, former President Donald Trump hosted a special screening of the film “Sound of Freedom.” Following the movie, Trump took the stage to express his gratitude to those in attendance and to commend the talents behind the film’s creation. He praised producer Eduardo Verastegui, lead actor Jim Caviezel, and former Homeland Security agent Tim Ballard, whose life story the movie is based on.

Trump was particularly impressed with Caviezel’s performance, calling it “unbelievable” and acknowledging Verastegui for making the film a tremendous success. He also recognized Ballard’s pivotal role in the fight against child trafficking, a central theme of the movie. Ballard’s wife, Katherine, was also acknowledged for her unwavering support, with Trump commending them as a “great and beautiful combination.”

Matthew Faraci, senior strategist with the Spear Fund, an organization inspired by “Sound of Freedom,” shared his impressions of the screening with the Washington Examiner. He described the event as a “surreal moment” and a gathering of compassionate individuals deeply invested in protecting children from trafficking. Trump was an attentive host, engaging in meaningful conversations about the critical issue of child trafficking and asking numerous questions to gain a better understanding of the challenges.

Jim, that was unbelievable. Oh, what a job!” Trump said, acknowledging Caviezel’s performance before addressing Verastegui: “You made this the hottest movie anywhere in the world.”

“And Tim, what a job you did. Someone’s got to do it,” Trump told Ballard. Ballard pointed to his wife, Katherine, and the former president acknowledged her support, saying they were “a great combination, a beautiful combination.

President Trump was a gracious host. As we spoke to him, he listened very carefully about the issues surrounding child trafficking and asked numerous questions,” Faraci said“There was an incredible atmosphere of warmth in the place.”

During the evening, Trump was gifted an autographed poster-sized sign of the film as a token of appreciation. The atmosphere was filled with warmth and camaraderie as like-minded individuals came together to support a cause close to their hearts.

Despite the difficult subject matter, Trump expressed his admiration for the film and its ability to educate and inspire viewers. He recognized the significance of addressing child sex trafficking, and the film’s impact in shedding light on this pressing issue. Trump acknowledged that the movie wasn’t meant to be enjoyed in the conventional sense but to serve as a powerful source of inspiration and awareness.

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