Trump Mocks RFK Jr. In Plane Video

Former President Trump recently released a video clip on Thursday and mocked independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for not meeting the requirements to appear at the first presidential debate.



In the video clip that was recorded aboard Trump’s private jet, addressed reports that Kennedy had insufficient support in national polls and did not appear on enough state ballots to earn a spot at CNN’s upcoming debate.

“I know RFK Jr. wants to try to get onto the stage on Thursday, and I’d love to have him frankly, because I don’t think he’s much of a debater, and he’s got some very liberal, radical left ideas,” Trump said in the video. “But you have to get certain numbers, that was the criteria, and he’s way below those numbers. He’s not coming close.”

“So I hope to see him up there someday, but it looks to me like he’s not going to qualify on many fronts,” Trump continued. “They say he hurts Biden more than he hurts me, and I don’t know if that’s true or not. They say he hurts Biden because he’s a serious left person. If he is, that’s good — I don’t really care.”

It has been noted that in order to qualify for the CNN-hosted debate, candidates are required to receive at least 15% support in four separate national polls. Candidates must also be on the ballot in enough states to make it hypothetically possible to collect the 270 electoral college votes necessary to win the election. Kennedy, the highest-performing 2024 candidate outside the Republican and Democratic parties has failed to meet the criteria by the Thursday morning deadline, the network said.


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