Trump Offensive Holocaust Remark Leaks

Former Trump Organization VP Barbara Res recently told MSNBC’s Ali Velshi that then-businessman Donald Trump made a shocking joke about the Holocaust during a meeting attended by several Jewish executives.



Rez left Trump’s company in 1998, and wrote a book called “Tower of Lies: What My Eighteen Years of Working With Donald Trump Reveals About Him” in 2020.

It is noted that on Sunday morning’s edition of MSNBC’s Velshi, Velshi interviewed Res just days ahead of the CNN debate with President Joe Biden, and asked her about some of the unusual rants Trump goes off on at rallies:

ALI VELSHI: I wanted to speak to you very specifically about something, and that is these weird rants that Donald Trump is going on.

Put aside the stuff that might be fairly deliberate, the, you know, the dictatorial, authoritarian stuff. He says the other day, carrying on about being electrocuted versus being eaten by sharks. Did he do this when you worked for him?

BARBARA RES: A little bit, a little bit, but. And he was a little saner than, to be honest with you.

But yeah, he would make ridiculous remarks.

The thing about Hannibal Lecter. It was not like he was praising him so much as he was joking about him. Like it was funny that Hannibal Lecter, eight people.

And it reminds me of a time when, we had just hired residential manager, German guy, and Donald was bragging among us, to our executives, we were four of us, how great the guy was.

And he was a real German, and he was so neat and clean.

And then he looked at a couple of, executives who happened to be Jewish, and he said, “You know, watch out for this guy. He sort of remembers the, the ovens, you know, smiling.


BARBARA RES: And everybody was shocked! I mean, I couldn’t believe he said that, but it was making a joke about TV, Nazi ovens and killing people!

And that’s the way he was. And he’s making a joke about Hannibal Lecter and eating people. That was. As if that was funny. If that was appropriate. So he. Yeah, he he did.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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