Trump Official Battles With Female Protester At Court

Former Donald Trump adviser Peter Navarro recently battled a protester while trying to blast the justice system from CNN to reporters after a judge ruled against him Wednesday in his criminal contempt case via Media Ite.



On Wednesday, Judge Amit P. Mehta ruled that Navarro cannot claim executive privilege to avoid compliance with a Congressional subpoena issued by the January 6 Committee last year.

At a hearing on Monday, Judge Mehta called the privilege assertions from the defense “pretty weak sauce,” and Wednesday ruled out the defense, saying “privilege cannot be validly asserted” based on the evidentiary hearing.

After the major blow, Navarro took to the courthouse steps where among he blasted CNN. While doing so, he swatted at the sign held by a protester standing directly behind him saying “Trump lost!”

He continued trying to talk to reporters, an apparent supporter with a miniature American flag came to contradict the first protester, who then tried to block the new counter protester, standing in front of her and holding her sign in front of the flag. All of which prompted another response from Navarro.

“I think what this is kind of the important kind of kind of debate where and look, see, she’s trying to block the flag. Okay?” he said. “This is the problem we have in America. Like, she’s she’s got, ‘Trump Lost’ and, you know, that’s fine. She’s expressing her point of view. She’s got a megaphone to to disrupt. But when it comes time for me to express my view with you, you’ve seen what she’s done. She’s interrupted me while I was speaking. And she won’t even let an American show the American flag.”

“Shame on you, ma’am,” he said.

“You love the Proud Boys, huh?” said the protester.

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