Trump Official Reveals Drunk White Claws Meltdown

It has come to light that Mark Meadows, the last chief of staff to former President Donald Trump, reportedly got accidentally drunk on White Claws at the White House one morning via Media Ite.



During Monday’s show, Rachel Maddow interviewed Cassidy Hutchinson, who served as an aide for Meadows during the Trump administration. Hutchinson played a crucial role as a witness during the Jan. 6 committee hearings, shedding light on the events leading up to and during the Capitol riot. Her new book, “Enough,” provides a detailed account of her experiences while working in the White House.

At the end of her show, Maddow handed things off to Lawrence O’Donnell, and the two exchanged several minutes of banter. She explained that she wished she had asked Hutchinson about a passage in the book about Meadows – who does not consume alcohol – drinking White Claws, which, unbeknownst to him, are 5% alcohol by volume.

Maddow said the excerpt describes Meadows “getting totally hammered”:

“MADDOW: I will say, there’s more one moment of the book that I sort of wish that I had talked to her about that I didn’t–

O’DONNELL: I’m writing this down because I’m gonna ask her about it tomorrow night when she’s here tomorrow night.

MADDOW: It’s my own preference, but it’s something that I thought was very funny. There’s a funny anecdote about Mark Meadows, which is not a tragedy and it’s nothing about the loss of democracy, or about people being horrific.

It’s about him being a teetotal– teetotaler. Lots of people we know are. And him accidentally – on a Monday morning – getting totally hammered at the White House because he did not know that White Claw was anything other than delicious seltzer. [Cackles] Accidentally being very drunk at the office while having had his first ever alcoholic beverages completely by accident and through no fault of his own is also a very funny scene.”

O’Donnell went on to say Meadows has now been drunk more times than he has.

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