Trump Out Of Trouble After Biden Dementia Bombshell?

Trump’s attorney, Alina Habba, has vehemently called for the dismissal of charges against former President Donald Trump, pointing to a special counsel report that allegedly highlights Trump’s conduct as more egregious than that of President Joe Biden. Special Counsel Robert Hur recently released a report scrutinizing Biden’s handling of sensitive documents, providing a silver lining for Biden as no charges were recommended. However, the report contains damaging remarks about Biden and his memory.



During a segment on Fox News Channel’s Hannity, Habba, acting as the legal spokesperson for Trump, referred to the report to argue that charges against her client should be dropped. Hannity questioned the legal implications of the new standard, where mishandling classified documents seemingly goes unpunished. Habba seized the opportunity, stating unequivocally that there should be an equal application of laws. She asserted that the report exposed the existence of two justice systems—one for Republicans and another for Democrats.

Habba emphasized the stark contrast between Trump and Biden’s situations, citing the protection offered by the Presidential Records Act, a legal shield that Trump possesses but Biden, as Senator and Vice President, did not. She contended that the dual system of justice would be scrutinized in court, emphasizing the need to address the disparity in treatment based on political affiliations.

Expressing agreement with her client’s stance, Habba insisted that charges should be dropped to restore faith in a justice system free from political bias. She criticized what she saw as the pervasive Trump Derangement Syndrome within the system, asserting that the charges should never have been brought in the first place.

Habba thanked Special Counsel Hur for highlighting what she considered clear evidence of Biden’s memory lapses, particularly regarding the timing of his son’s passing. She pointed to Biden’s recent press conference where he reportedly doubled down on not feeling obligated to answer certain questions—a stance that she deemed problematic in the context of an ongoing investigation. Habba argued that dropping charges was the only appropriate course of action, as she believed defending them in court should not even be necessary.

In summary, Trump’s legal team, represented by Alina Habba, is leveraging the special counsel report on Biden’s handling of documents to demand the dismissal of charges against Trump. The argument revolves around perceived disparities in justice systems based on political affiliations, with Habba calling for equal application of the law and criticizing what she sees as a biased approach against Trump. The legal battle seems poised to unfold in the courtroom, where Habba believes the dual standards will face scrutiny, emphasizing the need for charges to be dropped to uphold the principle of impartial justice.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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