Trump Pays Famous Republican $300,000 After Crime

Peter Navarro was an important official in the Donald Trump administration. He was recently charged with Contempt of Congress. During an interview with MSNBC’s Ari Melber, the Republican stated that Donald Trump paid for his legal fees.



According to the details shared by Mediaite, Peter Navarro went on record and admitted that Donald Trump paid for his legal fees. Peter, who was charged with Contempt of Congress this month clearly stated that he wasn’t the most wealthiest member of the Trump administration.

Peter Navarro said that his work involved creating jobs, saving lives and even settle labour strikes. Mr. Navarro believed that he did a fair job in performing his task. While responding to Ari Melber’s question of whether he asked Donald Trump to pay the money, the Republican accepted that he asked the former president for the same and Mr. Trump duly obliged him.

This will be a million-dollar case, and Ari, part of the problem here is this lawfare, this notion of that if you can’t put me in prison, you can at least bankrupt me. I’m not a wealthy guy. I wasn’t one of the wealthy guys in the Trump administration. All I ever did was create jobs, save lives, and settle labor strikes, and I thought I did the honorable productive service to this country, and now I’m stuck with a lot of legal bills.

Notably, Peter Navarro has admitted that Donald Trump paid more than what was expected from him. It goes to show that Trump can go the extra mile to help those that have been good with him. While there’s no word on what would happen next, one thing is sure, and that’s the fact that Donald Trump would stay firm alongside people who have been with him in the time of need.

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