Trump Personally Insults Rupert Murdoch In Video

According to Mediate, former President Donald Trump unleashed a flurry of videos on Truth Social, addressing various subjects including Fox News, Bill Barr, the Department of Justice, and President Joe Biden. The videos were posted in quick succession over a five-hour period, with Trump using the platform to express his frustrations and criticisms.



Having faced four criminal indictments connected to his handling of classified material and his efforts to overturn the 2020 election, Trump used Truth Social as a means to communicate with his supporters and share his perspective on the ongoing legal and political challenges he is facing.

In one video, Trump took aim at Fox News and the Wall Street Journal, accusing them of opposing him due to their alignment with globalist interests. He highlighted his commitment to the “America First” ideology and suggested that this fundamental difference of values was the reason for their opposition.

“Fox News and the Wall Street Journal fight me because Murdoch is a globalist,” Trump said in a short video on Wednesday afternoon. “And I am America First. It’s very simple, and it will always be that way, so get used to it.”

In another video, Trump attacked his former Attorney General Bill Barr as “slow thinking” for not having the “courage” to “fight election fraud.” The former president also claimed that the United States is becoming a “banana republic” because of the “Biden indictments” served to him over the last few months.

Another video featured Trump criticizing his former Attorney General, Bill Barr, for what he perceived as Barr’s failure to take action against alleged election fraud. Trump accused Barr of being “slow thinking” and lacking the “courage” to address the issue during his time as Attorney General.

Trump also expressed his belief that the United States is moving towards becoming a “banana republic” due to what he referred to as “Biden indictments.” He suggested that the legal actions taken against him were politically motivated and detrimental to the nation’s democratic processes.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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