Trump ‘Plot To Stop Nomination’ Revealed At…

Arizona delegates to the Republican National Convention convened recently in a Phoenix suburb, gathering to acquaint themselves and understand their responsibilities. Among the topics discussed was a clandestine strategy to disrupt the nomination of Donald Trump for president at the upcoming convention in Milwaukee.



Contrary to expectations from “Never Trumpers,” who oppose Trump’s candidacy, the plan originated from self-proclaimed “America First” adherents on the far right. Their aim, as revealed through sources present at the meeting, presentation slides, and private messages obtained by The Washington Post, was to release delegates from their commitment to support Trump. This maneuver, discussed over finger foods, involved potential signals of allegiance such as matching black jackets among co-conspirators.

The exact purpose of this scheme remained unclear, leaving some delegates perplexed and concerned. Speculation among those familiar with the meeting suggested motives ranging from preventing an undesirable running mate selection to substituting Michael Flynn for Trump, especially if legal troubles befall the former president.

The Trump campaign swiftly moved to counteract this perceived threat, replacing delegates involved in the plan. Campaign insiders described it as an “existential threat” to Trump’s nomination, highlighting the urgency with which they intervened to secure their position.

The incident in Arizona, a pivotal swing state with heightened concerns over election integrity, unfolded discreetly but underscored the challenges of managing the upcoming convention. Despite agreements to avoid disruptions, lingering suspicions persisted regarding delegates from other states, reflecting broader tensions within the party.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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